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My aunt, Prabhavathi, lost her battle with breast & lung cancer on 10th September2013. She spent her entire life caring for her family, friends, and students.

As a school teacher, she worked tirelessly to provide education to her students both academically & economically. She put her best efforts in upbringing of those students. 

When I was young, every year I used to stay at her house for holidays. I loved it there. She just let me be. She listened, and always tried to make me see the good things in others. I just loved her cooked food.

She was the best aunt I could wish for. I am so fortunate that I got to have her as my aunt. Unfortunately she died at the age of 67, she lost her battle against cancer.

She had always been there for me, when I needed her. She was a great support to me. Now I miss her very much. I wish we had more time together.

I'm not writting much, as everyone who knew her knows she has been a backbone for many people's success. 

In honor of my aunt, I try to live my life the way she did, without judging people, helping people in need. I do this with one big difference I also think about myself...

And to honor her even more, I want to get a portrait sculpture of her so that she keeps me reminding of the good way of life.

Come, let’s raise funds for her portrait sculpture, which makes me feel that she is with me forever.

Please help me in funding for this.


Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Promoter Bhavana Telsang
Mythrinagar, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh
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3 inches Sculpture of my Aunt Prabhavathi in white colour, Material: Polyproylene

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5 inches Sculpture of my Aunt Prabhavathiin white colour, Material: Polyproylene

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Bhavana Telsang
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